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Transforming our Alaska education system

Originally posted in Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman “In Alaska, public funds for education seem to be used to establish both public and private kingdoms. These bureaucracies have taken on a life of their own. They are structured to fund their own survival, not educate our rapidly failing student population. According to the Alaska Department of Education […]

Republicans endorse Kevin McCabe

JUNE 15, 2020 | | Kevin McCabe, who has filed for House District 8 against incumbent Republican Rep. Mark Neuman, has received the endorsement of the Alaska Republican Party. The endorsement came after a process that started in the winter with an endorsement from the local District, and then moved up to the entire […]

How do we measure the value of a human life?

Originally published in the Big Lake Times, April 22, 2020.   The  idea that there was actually a value placed on human life really hit  the mainstream in the early 70s with the emergence of a Mother Jones  article on the exploding Ford Pinto fuel tank. For the first time,  Americans became aware that a […]

No, Ethan… It’s Our Money

Originally published in Make A Scene Magazine, Jan 21, 2020. There is a misunderstanding among some of our legislators regarding the definition and purpose of a “dividend.” It’s apparent that many lawmakers, and some Alaskans, have either forgotten why we have a Permanent Fund Dividend, or forgotten why it was instituted in the first place. […]