About Kevin

As voters, we should know who we are voting for – not just their policy positions, but who they are as people.

kevin & linn

A Little About Me

My wife Linn and I live in the Big Lake community here in the Valley. I’m retired from the U.S. Coast Guard and I’ve lived in Alaska for most of the past 40 years. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree and an MBA, and currently serve the people of District 8 in the State House, and fly Boeing 747s for a major international air cargo airline. Linn and I are blessed with adult children as well as many grandkids. I’m proud to be an American and an Alaskan. Public and community service are very important to me and should be the hallmarks of any good legislator.

Why Me?

Beyond my own personal interest in improving our state’s government and policy-making practices, I decided to run for office because some of my closest neighbors and friends, who are civic and business leaders in the Mat-Su Borough, think I have the energy, grit and wherewithal to steer our state budget back into fiscal restraint, and put limits on our growing government.

I stand for…

  • Life at Conception
  • A Constitutional PFD
  • The Second Amendment
  • A Spending Cap
  • Development of Alaska’s Resources
  • Limited Government
  • Election Integrity
  • Medical Freedom